The Next Generation of Food Innovators at SXSW 2019

The Food Track at SXSW brings together industry professionals and self-proclaimed "foodies" alike to explore how technology and innovation can drive changes in the way we grow, cook, and consume food for a healthier and more sustainable world.

"Programming in the Food Track aims to explore the intersection between food, humanity, and technology," says SXSW Programmer Adam Wode. "Discussions focus on innovative solutions to global food system issues, as well as the different ways food impacts culture and brings communities together."

Learn more about alternative protein sources, the next generation of food innovation, and the cultural impact of the food we eat from March 11-13 at the SXSW Conference. Join us this March and enjoy Food Track sessions with Primary access for SXSW Platinum and Interactive Badges; secondary access for all other badges.

Food Session Highlights

Alt. Proteins: Not Just Another Tech Revolution

Speakers: Dan Altschuler Malek (New Crop Capital), Lisa Feria (Stray Dog Capital), Andrew Ive (Big Idea Ventures), and Suzy Welch (CNBC)

Eating meat isn’t over, but consumers are reducing consumption of animal products at unprecedented rates, for health, environmental, and ethical concerns. No wonder, then, that entrepreneurs and VCs are pouring in to develop products that look, cook, and taste like the real thing. Suzy Welch, CNBC journalist and vegan activist investor, takes these questions to Lisa Feria and Dan Altschuler Malek, of Stray Dog Capital and New Crop Capital, respectively, the leading early-stage funds focused exclusively on alternative proteins focusing on emerging trends and what they mean for the scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors.

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Cultivating the Next Generation of Food Leaders

Speakers: Tony Hillery (Harlem Grown), Danielle Nierenberg (Food Tank: The Think Tank for Food), James Rogers (Apeel Sciences), and Haile Thomas (HAPPY(Healthy Active Positive Purposeful Youth))

Young leaders are working in fields, kitchens, boardrooms, and laboratories around the world to make the food system more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable - but the next generation also faces immense obstacles. These young leaders come from diverse backgrounds, but they all agree that current food production and consumption practices are unsustainable. As social entrepreneurs, they are finding new ways to educate and inspire and change the way the way the world produces and consumes food.

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Tomorrow’s Perfect Food Narrative

Speakers: Nasser Jab (Komeeda), Thomas Schauer (Taste in Motion), Helen Todd (Sociality Squared), and Korsha Wilson (A Hungry Society)

In today’s Instagrammed world, the plate is a platform to bring awareness, open up discussion, and shape people’s experiences around natural disasters, forced migration, globalization, diversity, and more. As eaters and creators of businesses, tech, and stories, we all have the power at our fingertips to positively shape the future of food and its narrative. Join this panel with a food entrepreneur, photographer, social media expert, writer, and podcast host to learn how to make a more inclusive world through food.

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Unleashing Creativity through Mindfulness

Speakers: Dana Cowin (Speaking Broadly) and Matthew Jennings (Full Heart Hospitality)

Star chef Matt Jennings overcame enormous personal challenges — from addiction to obesity — and transformed his life by embracing mindfulness. In this powerful discussion, former long-time Editor in Chief of Food & Wine Magazine Dana Cowin interviews Jennings to discover how the pursuit of self-awareness unleashed in him far greater creativity, productivity, and happiness than he thought possible. The audience will leave with insights into how to achieve the same in their own lives.

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Solving the Food Desert Dilemma

Speakers: OLympia Auset (Suprmarkt), Sam Oches (Food News Media), and Sam Polk (Everytable)

A recent study from economists at NYU, Stanford, and the University of Chicago found that 55 percent of all U.S. zip codes with a median income below $25,000 are what's called "food deserts" – neighborhoods where the only meal options are high-calorie, processed foods. But now some social entrepreneurs are finding ways to combat the food-desert dilemma through creative pricing strategies and educational programs that empower residents of these communities to make more wholesome food decisions. Find out how these food entrepreneurs are bringing change to local food deserts – and how they can serve as a model to greater food change across the U.S.

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By Nicole Cappabianca