SXSW 2018 Featured Speaker Whitney Wolfe Herd in Conversation with Gayle King [Video]

This past March at SXSW 2018, founder and CEO of Bumble Whitney Wolfe Herd joined CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King for a conversation on Wolfe Herd's company Bumble. As one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world, Bumble is disrupting online dating and changing the way people are connecting on and offline. With more than 26 million global users in just three years, Bumble's growth is certainly impressive. But perhaps more impressive than the app's growth is the journey that Whitney Wolfe Herd embarked upon to create the app and the greater meaning behind the platform.

After leaving her role at the dating app Tinder amidst a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit, Wolfe Herd decided to go out and build what she felt was the solution. “I don’t believe revenge is part of my agenda. I’m a firm believer that just like hate spreads hate, love and kindness spread love and kindness. We’re doing our own thing,” said Wolfe Herd. Her mission for Bumble was simple: create a female-first platform that flips the script on gender norms when it comes to connecting.

“What I originally wanted to do with Bumble is rewrite the Internet.” - Whitney Wolfe Herd

On-stage at SXSW, Wolfe Herd attributed Bumble's success to the company's fundamental belief that women should be able to make the "first move" in romantic relationships. As a platform grounded in positive behavior — a rarity in the current digital landscape — Bumble is extremely proactive in maintaining peaceful dialogue and behavior on the app itself. In addition to banning shirtless images and misogynistic language, Bumble recently banned images of guns on the app. When asked about the ban by King, Wolfe Herd responded, "This is not a place for violence, for us to highlight violence. That's us saying 'that doesn't live here'."

Watch the full SXSW 2018 session to learn more about Bumble's beginnings, Wolfe Herd's vision for Bumble, and the company's dedication to putting its values before the bottom line.

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By Ari Roth