7 Non-Obvious Trends Changing The Future with Rohit Bhargava [Video]

Wall Street Journal best-selling author Rohit Bhargava returned to SXSW to discuss some recent trends that will shape our world in the near future. The session features many insights from the 2019 edition of his Non-Obvious trends book series as well as a behind the scenes look at how he organizes data into trends.

While the session has many actionable observations about emerging trends like retro trust and innovation envy, the real takeaway is the insight into Bhargava’s thought process. With innovation moving at such a rapid pace, thinkers equipped to identify trends at their onset will be best positioned to take advantage of them in their businesses.

“We hear about innovation and we hear about creativity, but really what it means is - you’re seeing the things that everybody else is seeing, and you are coming up with a different conclusion.” - Rohit Bhargava

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Rohit Bhargava at SXSW 2018 - Photo by Katie Marriner

By Hayden Bagot