How Can Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity Share the Stage

Toro y Moi - Photo by John Krause

Technology catapults music production forward in radical and unexpected ways, even paving new genres. Artificial intelligence is the main game-changer in technological advancements when it comes to the way we make, distribute, and listen to music. It automates systems, detects patterns, and can compose music as well as humans can, if not better.

But when does technology, specifically artificial intelligence, take the reins from musicians and stifle creativity? And how do listeners decipher AI-generated music from human produced music? How do we go forward in our relationship with music and technology?

At the SXSW 2020 Conference, the Future of Music Track will address the future of the music industry through technological, business, and cultural lenses in order to ensure more decades of healthy relationships between artists, listeners, and tech.

Today’s Value of Creativity

Now that AI can automate most steps of production and composition, what is the role of human creativity? In AI and the Future of Musical Creativity, the value of creativity will be on the podium. On the frontlines of the session are Research Software Developer in Google Brain, Pablo Samuel Castro and fellow Google Brain colleage Monica Dinculescu along with Princeton University’s Jamal Williams. Jamal's research at Princeton uses music, film, neuroimaging, and machine learning as tools to investigate the nature of memory and event representation. Also joining the sessions is neurologist and neuroscientist Alain Dagher who has published over 160 peer-reviewed papers on music, addiction, stress, decision-making, learning and emotion.

In the same vein, The Role of Humans in Music AI will address the tug-of-war between musicians and technologists and how they can coexist. CEO of JAM Rory Kenny joins Lead Writer and Strategist at music PR firm Rock Paper Scissors Trista Newyear Yeager and songwriter, artist, and speaker Jovanka Von Wilsdorf for the panel.

What is Actually on the Horizon

It is difficult to know the difference between trends and true paradigm shifts that will genuinely affect our relationship with music. Meet some of the world’s top technology journalists who analyze the future of music for a living during Music Technology Forecasting. Waveform Magazine’s David Battino, CEO of Get It In Writing Daniel Liston Keller, and Synthtopia Publisher Elisabeth Lewin will guide us in the panel.

The narrative of music is in our hands. Join us at SXSW 2020 to discuss how we can maintain creative ownership and understand the role of technology in a rapidly-evolving music industry.

The Future of Music Continued

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Toro y Moi - Photo by John Krause

By Hailey Hess