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Speed Dating with SXSW 2020 Electronic / Dance Showcasing Artists

Electronic artists are bending expectations and experimenting now more than ever with emerging technologies and fearless trailblazers such as this year’s Electronic / Dance Showcasing Artists. The artists in our Electric Youth playlist thread channels themes from loss in the digital age to modern day masculinity with addicting beats that will leave you wanting more.

Get to know a few select artists headed to the 2020 SXSW Music Festival below and then listen to the Electric Youth playlist on Apple Music and Spotify.

TC Superstar


TC Superstar is the Austin-based dance outfit invented by Connor McCampbell. An ode to 80’s synth-wave and late 70s dance music, the project comes to life via seven University of Texas graduates in matching monochromatic outfits dancing to lively beats and low, catchy anthems. You can’t help but smile at the familiar feeling evoked in their latest album, R & D, as it follows two characters: Ricky and Dana falling in and out of love. Or at their hit "Toyota Corolla."

The group is making moves as they tackle modern masculinity, explore the depths of love, and consumerism all while dancing in sync on stage. In 2019, TC Superstar was nominated by the Austin Chronicle for "Best New Austin Band."

Sui Zhen


Melbourne-based Sui Zhen is the experimental pop act of Becky Sui Zhen. Her music draws on themes of loss in the digital age, the female experience, and an overall sense of mortality. Her latest album, Losing, Linda was a three year process. The sound is heavily Influenced by her time studying in Japan and the lyrics by experiencing the loss of her mother in 2018. The album is insightful and questioning all packaged as an infinitely listenable pop song.

A performance artist as well as musician, Sui Zhen’s live set unfolds like a narrative from a dream and features the characters her albums are centered around.

bad tuner


At age 12, Yugoslavia-born Jozef Sergei Dimitrov was adopted by a young Russian couple and moved to Moscow where he was an apprentice in a radio repair shop. His interest in AM and FM radio transmission led him to write his first recordings at age 16 – later to captivate the underground dance scene as electronic act bad tuner.

After opening up for Ghostly International artist, Beacon, he joined TOKiMONSTA on her national Young Art Tour in 2019. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY studying acoustic theory and time harmonic equations under audio scientist, Agathe Alt.

Astrid Sonne


Musical composer and violist Astrid Sonne is based in Copenhagen, Germany. The artist approaches experimental electronic compositions by mixing her classical background with newer sounds. Inspired by European choir tradition and simplicity along with trance and cacophonous expression, the artist's music is a melodic anomaly. Her lyrics are weighted with emotions but exist within static, minimalistic soundscapes.

Since her origins in the experimental music scene, Astrid Sonne released her debut album Human Lines in 2018 and the EP Cliodynamics last year. Her performance at SXSW will be a part of her first United States tour.

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