SXSW Eco Keynote Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. + Day One Highlights [Video]

Yesterday, SXSW Eco 2016 launched its sixth annual conference featuring collaborative events, dynamic sessions, and exciting competitions that introduce attendees to transformative designs, technologies, and ideas. Watch the video above for highlights from Day One of SXSW Eco, featuring Keynotes Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Kate Brandt, Place By Design, Startup Showcase, Workshops, and Featured Sessions.

During the Opening Keynote, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Senior Attorney and President for Waterkeeper Alliance, explores the organization's blue collar, grassroots origins by discussing how they've empowered stakeholders to use environmental laws, both old and new, to reclaim natural assets from industrial polluters. Delving further into environmental laws, Mr. Kennedy expounds on the link between environmental pollution and poverty: "Polluters always choose the soft targets of poverty." Citing historic laws going all the way back to the Justinian Code, Mr. Kennedy makes a passionate argument for the utility of preserving our natural assets.

Watch the full Keynote video, Our Environmental Destiny, from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at SXSW Eco 2016.

Watch the Opening Keynote

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Opening Keynote from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – Teaser photo by Steve Rogers

By Jordan Roberts