The Best Take-Home Giveaway from SXSW

Evernote SXSW 2

You have your lanyard and your stress ball, tee shirts, and the coolest pens. Companies bring the best giveaways to SXSW, but you don’t want to miss Evernote’s freebie—professionally-written notes from more than 30 sessions of the SXSW Workplace track.

You come to SXSW to have fun, but there’s a serious side to the event too. At the Workplace track, we discuss important topics about the future of work. What does the future of work look like? How can we create a "culture of good" on the job? How can we make our workspaces more inclusive, more diverse? What’s the best way to foster a "maker’s mindset" in a corporate world? And what do we want our workspaces to be like, anyway? As these essential questions are explored, Evernote—the official note-takers of the Workplace track—is making the key arguments and insights available to you. You don’t even have to put them in a tote bag. They’re waiting for you in a special online notebook from Evernote.

Why bring home notes from the Workplace Track? Words are only valuable when you put them into action. Without experimentation and implementation, ideas die on the vine. Bring these ideas to your co-workers, and put them to work. Make SXSW the beginning of the change you need at work, and let these session notes be your guide.

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By John Krause


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