Re-imagine Food Waste & Nutrition with Quaker at SXSW 2018

Quaker SXSW

Discarding imperfect produce. Leaving leftovers behind. Overlooking ingredients in our fridges. All this contributes to 130 billion pounds of food wasted each year in the U.S. (EPA).

Stopping this epidemic may seem overwhelming, but there are simple solutions we can make every day that allow us to reduce food waste, while also getting more nutrition. By getting creative in the kitchen, we can ensure wasted food doesn’t become wasted nutrition.

Don’t miss these informative and inspiring events to help tackle food waste.

Hear directly from those at the forefront of the food waste movement — Chef Marco Canora, Kris Moon, Anna Chai and Danielle Nierenberg — and learn about this growing issue and how we can seek inspiration and solutions from the culinary community.

Join Quaker® at hot-spot Emmer & Rye for conversation, cocktails and crafted dishes by Chef Kevin Fink. Hear from Registered Dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner and panelists Chef Marco Canora, Kris Moon, Anna Chai and Danielle Nierenberg on how we can make a difference using the versatility and nutrition power of the oat to help reduce food waste.

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Sponsored content provided by Quaker Image by May Zhu, MBA, RD

By Jordan Guillory


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