The Soul and Passion of Peru


Peru will showcase the best of its culture and creativity at SXSW 2018

Peru is a country in constant evolution, a culture forged over the centuries thanks to its people's creativity and skills still in use that originate from the first civilizations that settled this land.

SXSW is the perfect place for this millenary country to show the world some of its innovative ideas in the areas of technology, music and business, providing visitors with creative solutions in fields such as the hotel sector, communications, health, and finance industries, to name just a few.

We invite you to visit #CasaPerú, from March 9-14 at 84 Rainey Street, a space that will host the best culture, art and traditions of the richest countries in the world. Enjoy the spirituality of Peruvian shamans and their captivating rituals, live music from electro-Amazonian bands, and tasting sessions of the one and only pisco, the distilled grape spirit that is produced exclusively in Peru.

At Casa Perú you will also be able to discover the flavors and aromas of Peruvian cuisine, one of the greatest in the world.

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By Jordan Guillory