Welcome the Future: Mercedes-Benz and smart Are Heading to Austin

Mercedes-Benz at SXSW

In September 2017, Mercedes-Benz organized the first ever me Convention in cooperation with SXSW during the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in Germany. Following the success of the event, Mercedes-Benz is taking the next step: together with smart, they're bringing the me Convention experience to SXSW 2018.

From March 9–15, 2018, the me Convention will be co-hosting the SXSW programmed content in the Intelligent Future Track at Fairmont Hotel, providing a platform for those shaping our future to #createthenew.

The main hub, however, will be at the iconic Palm Park. Excellent hospitality in a stylish environment provides the ideal setting for networking, meetings, and an open discussion about our future. Whether you want to dive in or just kick back and relax, you can experience the spirit of the me Convention right here in Austin with live streams, speakers, food courts, yoga sessions, and workshops in a festival-like atmosphere.

Additionally, smart will be providing SXSW visitors with a spot for urban innovation and relaxation. Don’t let the world pass you by! Catch seven days of electric discovery and intelligent diversions in the “tiny house of smart” at Palm Park. At the Hilton Hotel you can find the “tiny cube of smart” where smart showcases its successful “smart urban pioneers” startup program aiming to make city life easier.

Join the conversation – together we can shape the future!

Image and content provided by Mercedes-Benz and smart

By Jordan Guillory


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