The Weekly: The New York Times Expands to TV at SXSW 2019 [Video]

"It's the same amount of thought and consideration into the story; how are we going to frame it, who the characters are going to be. It feels much like a print story does, just one that happens to have been filmed and that I may occasionally appear." - Caitlin Dickerson

The Weekly is a new TV show from The New York Times and is coming to FX and Hulu in June. With a new episode every Sunday, the show brings you the in-depth reporting that will completely change how you see a story, whether you knew a lot about it before or never knew it mattered. 1,550 journalists. 160 countries. 2,500 stories a week.

In each episode, the team selects one of these stories and bring it to life. In this Featured Session at SXSW 2019, learn more about one of television’s most exciting new series from Liz Day, story editor for The Weekly, Sam Dolnick, assistant managing editor at The New York Times, Caitlin Dickerson, national immigration reporter at The New York Times, and Sweta Vohra, producer for The Weekly, in conversation with Brian Stelter, the chief media correspondent for CNN Worldwide and anchor of Reliable Sources.

As the story editor, part of Day's job is going around the newsroom to find out what people are working on. "We are looking for stories that are interesting, are in the public interest, they have character, some sort of action unfolding, and there is also some larger takeaway in which viewers can better understand the world," said Day.

Stelter brought up the extremely popular podcast from the Times, The Daily, hosted by Michael Barbaro and the comparisons it will most certainly draw by audiences. "We want The Weekly to have the same DNA, it's got the rigor of the journalism, but it also has the polish and the cinematic look that we are going for," said Dolnick.

"One of the great things about The New York Times newsroom is that it puts stories on the map that nobody else knew was a story until we said so, whether it's Harvey Weinstein or Cambridge Analytica and Facebook...those started as New York Times stories and can start as The Weekly episodes, too." - Sam Dolnick

Watch the full Featured Session and be sure to catch the first episode of The Weekly on June 3 on FX and the following day on Hulu. Check out more videos from SXSW 2019 on our YouTube channel.

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Featured Session: The Weekly: The New York Times Expands to TV - Photo by Noel Del Rio

By Neha Aziz