Learn How Visible Focuses on the Human Connection in a Digital World

Visible was created based on a need: bring simplicity into the whole phone service thing. There were too many choices and a lot of extra “fluff” that didn’t really belong anywhere. So Visible focused on simplifying the process and the choices: make one plan that has all the bells and whistles people need, and then make it affordable. It’s not a secret trick. It’s just what people have been asking for. Allowing Visible members to spend less time worrying about phone service, and more time enjoying things like SXSW.

And this year, Visible is bringing more of what the people asked for to SXSW, with their very own Contentorium, a place filled to the brim with content-inspired activities, similar to their interactive pop-up, #Phonetopia, which brought the contents of your phone to life in Denver, CO last fall.

Visible loves hosting big, interactive experiences at events-, like SXSW, because it’s how they remind people there’s a human being behind the digital-only brand. “As a digital brand, we do not exist in your physical life because the product we’re selling is a phone service that is invisible and we do not have physical stores,” as stated by Visible’s CMO, Minjae Ormes, with leading marketing publication, Event Marketer. “So we want to make sure that we show up in people’s lives in a way that looks physical and tactile. We’re ultimately trying to get to the point where there is an emotional connection to how you think about our brand.”

So this SXSW, come to the Visible Contentorium at 6th St & Trinity! Enjoy some content. Create some content. See what the future of phone service looks like, and enjoy the festival!

Content provided by Visible

By Pedro Alvarez




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