Novartis and Dell Technologies: Brands in Action Series

Brands in Action

In this special series, we’re highlighting companies who are answering the call of their communities around the world. Whether in coordinated efforts with like-minded organizations or working internally to do their part, these companies are using their resources to support others.

The medical professionals and technology experts already on the forefront of development have shifted into high gear as the quest for a coronavirus vaccine continues. These brands have created key partnerships and are working together to prioritize accessibility to resources and quality in health advancement.


Through years of ongoing product development and a devotion to the improvement of people’s lives, Novartis has established their place as healthcare industry leaders when met with a global pandemic. Through their research, collaborations, and commitment to expanding access to healthcare they have been able to provide resources and relief funding on a global scale.

Communities in Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia living in high risk conditions and unable to take the recommended preventative measures have been met with support from organizations like the International Rescue Committee (IRC). In May it was announced that Novartis contributed $1M to the IRC and their efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in East Africa. David Miliband, President and CEO of the IRC, expressed, “As innovators in health and medicine, Novartis has a unique understanding of the importance of basic protection measures in shoring up weak and vulnerable health systems against disease, and we are extremely grateful for their partnership and support.” The Switzerland based company continues to expand their efforts with their Community Response Fund and provide appropriate patient care using not-for-profit medication for COVID-19 symptom treatment.

This year also marked a groundbreaking event in which Novartis became the first global pharmaceutical company to endorse the United Nations Standards of Conduct of Business and continue to advocate for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, and Intersex (LGBTI) communities. This pioneering move bolsters their belief that a diverse workplace that values individuality is essential to progress.

Dell Technologies

Building the world's digital future is a limitless undertaking as advancements in technology grow faster every day. Thrusting us forward are companies like Dell Technologiesconnecting their High Performance Computing (HPC) with mindful collaborations in response to the global pandemic.

Medical research reliant on processing large data sets and accelerated calculations can now be facilitated at the Open Exascale Lab launched by Dell Technologies has partnered with the University of Cambridge. Powered by the latest Intel tech and the one of the United Kingdom’s first-rate supercomputers, they have created a space for developing next-generation systems. They have also brought their expertise to the UK National Health Service and in working with Cardiff University have used next-generation genome sequencing and their HPC systems to combat infectious diseases. Dr. Thomas Connor, bioinformatics lead for the Public Health Wales Pathogen Genomics Unit lead at the sequencing center at Cardiff University, says, “By analyzing samples from people who had confirmed cases of COVID-19, scientists can monitor changes in the virus at a national scale to understand how the virus is spreading and whether different strains are emerging. Having this information available will help in the clinical care of patients – and ultimately help to save lives.”

For more information on their efforts and how you can get involved, visit the websites above.

By Olivia Cruz