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Finland – A Leading Hub For Creative Industries

Finland Leads In Creative Industries

What better a place to showcase than SXSW?

One of the must-see SXSW events will be Music Finland & Genelec’s spectacle with Finnish artists Antti Paalanen, Yotto and Alma. In this cross-sector production by world-renowned creative director Jesse Auersalo, VR meets music, nature and technology.

The Hollywood science-fiction and comedy film Dual, written, produced and directed by Riley Stearns, was filmed entirely in Finland during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like increasingly many movie productions, the Dual team chose Finland as the filming location because of its versatile locations, financial support and other benefits.

Not only does Finland’s stunning yet vastly different regions and seasons provide a variety of unbelievable backdrops for filming, but they also make the country a desirable destination for travelers year-round. Nature is an inspiration for artists, like Alma tells at Visit Finland’s event during SXSW.

Finland is known for being a trustworthy and transparent partner in audiovisual content, and creativeness. Connect with Audiovisual Producers Finland & The Finnish Film Foundation and AGMA, Agents and Managers in Creative Industries at SXSW to hear what Finland has to offer for film production and what are the new approaches to the future of consumption, communication and processes in various fields.

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Image courtesy of Business Finland, Jussi Hellstén

By Olivia Cruz


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