From Indonesia to the World Stage

Archipelageek Indonesia-From Indonesia to the World Stage

The Archipelageek Program has taken part in SXSW since 2017. The program aims to bring up the potentials of Indonesian startups and innovative companies to showcase the strength and beauty of Indonesian-made products to the global market. Archipelageek presented 9 of Indonesia’s most innovative and collaborative-ready startups at the SXSW Online Creative Industries Exhibition this year, showcasing their competitive edge and business expertise globally.

Indonesia proudly introduced:

ARUNA, a company that focuses on creating a sustainable and fair fisheries ecosystem;
BOTIKA, a conversational AI company with machine learning that interacts through Natural Learning Processing (NLP);
DNETWORK, Indonesia’s first job portal for people with disabilities;
DREAMAXTION, a human capital solutions company that uses science-backed psychometrics and integrated people analytics technology;
GRINGGO, an AI-based integrated waste management platform;
IZY.AI, a flexible mobile concierge platform for hotels and accommodations;
MILLEALAB, an all-in-one VR platform that helps teachers to create VR-based educational content;
OCTAGON STUDIO, specializing in high-quality AR, VR, and MR products and services for edutainment;
PRIVY ID, Indonesia’s first leading digital identity and legally binding digital signature provider.

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Photo courtesy of Archipelageek Indonesia

By Olivia Cruz