By Olivia Cruz



Getting Ready to Reconnect!

Connect with Visible at SXSW Online

For over a year, we have had to adapt the ways we interact with one another. Relying on screens to connect with family, friends and colleagues has shifted the way we primarily interact. Like you, everyone at Visible misses hugs, lunch dates, vacations, cheering in the stands for our favorite team and hugs... oh how we miss hugs!

And as we wait cautiously and optimistically for the time when we can be face-to-face again, we will continue to keep our network strong for all of those video chats, text messages, phone calls and bingeworthy shows that have connected us during this time.

Visible has always celebrated the power of connection. Our goal is to make wireless service simple and available to everyone. To us, that means one plan with all the good stuff, multiple ways to help you save, and no additional BS to get in the way. And all that with the power of Verizon’s Networks, ensuring people can easily connect to the things they care about most.

So Visible will remain here for you and all of those digital connections you make, until we can reconnect in person for lunch, vacations, concerts, sporting events and... hugs.

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By Olivia Cruz


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