By Olivia Cruz



Innovation, Diversity Empowering the Global Energy Transition

Houston House - Innovation, Diversity Empowering the Global Energy Transition

As the nation’s fourth largest city, Houston is a vibrant metro powered by one of the youngest, fastest growing, and most diverse populations anywhere in the world.

Houston is a great global city with a rich history of leading life-changing innovation and solving problems that matter. Changing the world is in our nature and DNA.

Today, there is no greater problem to solve than the dual challenge of meeting the growing global demand for affordable and reliable energy while lowering the world’s carbon footprint.

Entrepreneurs, investors, academic institutions, civic leaders and the corporate sector are coming together to tackle this issue head on.

As the Energy Capital of the World, there is no better place than Houston for the next generation of leaders to create and scale innovations that will truly change the world.

Leaders from across the region's innovation and energy ecosystems presented a series of virtual programming to discuss how Houston is tackling these challenges head on. All Houston House video content is now available on demand at

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Image courtesy of Greater Houston Partnership

By Olivia Cruz