Riverance: Brands in Action Series

Brands in Action Summer Series

Here at SXSW, we are kicking off World Environment Day (June 5) by bringing back our Brands In Action summer series. We have the privilege of working with brands big and small from around the world who are doing incredible things for their communities, the environment and more. Whether in coordinated efforts with like-minded organizations or working internally to do their part, these companies are using their resources to support others.


More than likely the extent of most people’s experience with fish is ordering sushi, and the farthest that goes is deciding if it should be delivered on a rotating belt or to their front door. As easy as it is to keep it at that, it’s becoming increasingly important to know more about how we get our food. The cultivation of aquatic plants and animals for food has a huge impact on climate change as a whole and companies like Riverence are bringing the education of aquaculture into the spotlight.

Riverance at SXSW Online - Aquaculture Food Systems and Climate Change

This years’ SXSW Online provided an opportunity like no other, where Kvarøy Arctic virtually sat down with seaweed farmer Sarah Redmond, ocean activist Alexandra Cousteau and chef Andrew Zimmern for a private virtual aquaculture dinner. Following the panel, “Aquaculture, Food Systems and Climate Change” where participants discussed the impact of the industry.

“Speakers [discussed] aquaculture as a powerful force for ecological and social good as the world’s fastest growing food production system. Topics explored [centered] on aquaculture’s ability to combat the global climate crisis, the global health crisis, and the challenges humanity faces as the global food system is transformed…” – Kvarøy Arctic, Strategic Development Officer

Riverence continues their mission to protect wild salmon and trout through a more mindful practice and appreciation for the environment. Their commitment to a more sustainable food source will hopefully inspire others and become the norm for the future of our food.

“SXSW has immense potential as a platform to educate and inform the opinions of the thought leaders, policymakers, and writers who wield the power to reshape public opinion on aquaculture and move the industry forward.”

Since the Brands In Action series premiered last summer we have seen an impressive amount of companies do amazing things in their industries in addition to their COVID-19 responses. It truly was the inspiration behind highlighting all of the programs, products and partnerships they’ve created to improve the quality of life on our lovely little planet. For more information on current efforts and how you can get involved visit Riverance's website.

By Olivia Cruz