Swan Sit – SXSW 2022 – Photo by Tim Strauss


Celebrating Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Watch sessions from AAPI creatives at SXSW

In celebration of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, watch sessions featuring some of the AAPI creative visionaries, innovators, and leaders who have taken the stage at SXSW over the years – starting with a preview below of a few of the conversations held in 2022.

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Tribune Sewell Chan unearth the preexisting societal divisions that the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare as they discuss loneliness, community trust, and the importance of strengthening our public health and well-being.

Creator and unofficial “Queen of Clubhouse” Swan Sit delves into the future of marketing, how to get over our preconceived notions of Web3, and provides tactical guidance on how brands of any size can create a relevant and agile strategy.

Presenting this year's Resilience Tech Report, Chief Technology Officer at Everbridge John Maeda takes us through the growing business ecosystem being built by a new breed of global technologists who intend to bring greater resilience to individuals, organizations, and countries.

Grammy Award-nominated artist and New York Times bestselling author Michelle Zauner unpacks her creative journey through storytelling from forming Japanese Breakfast to her latest book Crying in H Mart.

Explore more sessions from the SXSW Conference archive as we honor AAPI creatives from the worlds of tech, film, music, government, healthcare, and beyond.

American Revival: Rebuilding Public Trust Through Connection

How do you distinguish loneliness, isolation, and solitude? With rates of loneliness on the rise, the pandemic has also left us more isolated and disconnected. Rebuilding and strengthening public health has never been more important.

"I think that if we want to be better prepared for the next pandemic, we need to build – rebuild – that social fabric." – Dr. Vivek H. Murthy

Web3 is Coming with Swan Sit

Innovative platforms, mediums, and technologies constantly emerge disrupting the way we engage with our customers and tell our brand's story. As we continuously realign our approach, we can glean incredible lessons from the successful campaigns of the past, and apply those concepts to create relevant and meaningful marketing using the new tools at our disposal.

"Getting over the hump of Web3 means that we actually have to erase a lot of preconceived notions about what a thing even is, what ownership is, and what traceability even is." – Swan Sit

Resilience Tech Report 2022 with John Maeda

Technologies for achieving greater personal, enterprise, and community resilience have been steadily on the rise due to macroscopic shifts in climate change, societal disruptions, and digital transformation. Maeda explores how to achieve resilience in the face of adversity throughout his latest report.

"The science of resilience turns out to be as complex as the science of design." – John Maeda

Michelle Zauner Keynote

Multihyphenate Michelle Zauner takes us through her creative early years, current projects, and what's next for the singer, musician, director, and bestselling author.

Read more about her 2022 SXSW Keynote »

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Credits (top-bottom): Swan Sit – Photo by Tim Strauss; Dr. Vivek Murthy and Sewell Chan – Photo by Kip Sikora; John Maeda – Photo by Jason Bollenbacher/Getty Images for SXSW; and Michelle Zauner – Photo by Raegan Labat

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