Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get A One-of-a-Kind SXSW NFT!

Don't Miss Your Chance to Get A One-of-a-Kind SXSW NFT!

Web-3 up your socials with a one-of-a-kind SXSW Batfan Profile Pic NFT also known as a PFP. There are limited quantities remaining of our randomly generated bat combinations brought to you by Blockchain Creative Labs and only available at SXSW.

How to Purchase Batfan Using a Credit Card

Below are the steps to purchase SXSW’s first ever NFT, the Batfan, with a credit card through Moonpay.

  • Go to the page
  • Connect your chosen wallet (BCL recommends Rainbow wallet or Coinbase wallet)
  • As with any of the other SXSW BCL NFTs – click on “Buy with Credit Card”
  • Verify your email and then insert your credit card information. Please note that Amex isn’t supported and your bank provider might do additional verification this is not controlled by SXSW or BCL.
  • After completing the payment via Moonpay it can take a few minutes. Return to the homepage and look at “My NFTs.” You now own a unique SXSW Batfan!
  • This is yours forever – look at – and you can resell as you wish.
  • You are able to resell your bat on a secondary marketplace in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license.
  • Voila - you are done and now have a piece of SXSW history!


Photo provided by Blockchain Creative Labs

By Olivia Cruz


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