Future of Inclusivity: FLUF World & Collaborators Work For An Open Metaverse

Future of Inclusivity: FLUF World & Collaborators Work For An Open Metaverse

At SXSW from March 12-15, Web3 enthusiasts, curious outsiders, and industry heavyweights will converge for the XR Summit Sessions, a series of events hosted by leading NFT and metaverse ecosystem FLUF World.

At a defining moment in Web3 history, FLUF World — a collection of metaverse-ready 3D avatars and ecosystem — hopes to open the conversation to all seeking to make the space an inclusive and equitable one.

Over the past year, the New Zealand-based project has launched sold-out NFT collections, including their genesis 10k rabbit collection, AI spider artists Thingies, and more recently, virtual Burrow metaspaces in collaboration with hip-hop heavyweight Snoop Dogg and VR Studio, Beyond. SXSW is the next step in FLUF World’s mission, along with partners Altered State Machine, Sylo, and Beyond.

FLUF World metaverse, Altered State Machine, NZ-based blockchain platform CENNZ, and decentralized communications provider Sylo aim to be the foundational infrastructure that supports this growing ecosystem. With ASM’s Non-Fungible Intelligence (NFI) bringing machine learning protocols to integrated projects and the smart avatars set to inhabit them.

A proposed Metaverse Manifesto will invite other organizations and individuals to be part of the change, signing into effect a shared pledge, code of conduct, and values to aspire to, as the roadmap to a decentralized future is laid bare.

Ready to join the revolution?

Register here: FLUF.world/manifesto

Photo provided by Non-Fungible Labs

By Olivia Cruz