The Metaverse Manifesto: A Pledge for an Open Metaverse

The Metaverse Manifesto: A Pledge for an Open Metaverse

An NFT and metaverse project hailing from New Zealand has already seen their brand of fantasy-inspired fun hop from strength to strength, with sold-out collections and industry and celebrity partnerships defining what has been a whirlwind seven-month journey.

For Web3 to truly thrive, it requires an unshakeable foundation of ethics, guidelines and industry-wide collaboration — a collective pledge to keep this new digital frontier open and accessible to all. With SXSW as a platform, FLUF World, Non-Fungible Labs & partners see the perfect opportunity to engage industry heavyweights and communities around this topic, hosting shared discussions that elucidate the issues and opportunities facing Web3, and a responsibility to define the space collaboratively.

For FLUF World / NF Labs co-founder Alex Smeele, this couldn’t come at a more pressing time.

“We’re at a real turning point, where Web3 is already redefining industries, changing lives and attracting the attention of global businesses and institutions. While this presents untold opportunity, the risk of poor direction, the absence of collaboration, and undefined standards could lead to a space that is at best disconnected and cumbersome, and at worst purely undesirable…This is our chance to define an inclusive digital future together.”

With engaging discussions by day, and immersive events and party experiences by night, presented under the FLUF Haus brand, FLUF will be opening the door to a world of opportunity for SXSW attendees.

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Photo provided by Non-Fungible Labs

By Olivia Cruz




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