Weedmaps Talks Cannabis at SXSW

Weedmaps Talks Cannabis at SXSW

Weedmaps is the sponsor of this year’s Cannabis Industry Evolution Summit, which focuses on the cannabis legalization movement and opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses in the space.

Here’s where you can find Weedmaps at SXSW 2022:

  • Combatting the Censorship Crisis The mismatch between public opinion and marketing restrictions on cannabis content is problematic as brands struggle to reach and educate millions of consumers.

  • Rewriting Cannabis Drug Testing Policies Governments, corporations, and athletic organizations have an opportunity and obligation to drive a cultural shift toward a more tolerant and equitable future by revising their drug testing policies and the misguided assumptions that caused them in the first place.

  • Global View: Weed on the World Stage In this session, companies operating on the global stage talk about the future of the global cannabis market on four major fronts: industrial hemp, CBD wellness, medical cannabis and the adult use/recreational market.

  • Technology: The Key to Growing the Cannabis Industry The unique demands and needs of technology in the cannabis industry serve as a case study for other emerging sectors and ultimately begs the question, "what's next?" in cannabis and beyond.

  • Weedmaps Coffee Break Join Weedmaps for morning coffee and snacks at the Hilton Austin Downtown

Photo provided by Weedmaps

By Olivia Cruz


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