SXSW Comedy Spotlight: Two Man Movie & Max and Ivan

Written by Samantha Pitchel | Friday, Mar 8, 2013
Photo via Max and IvanPhoto via Max and Ivan

Sometimes, two heads are better than one - like when you're putting on innovative shows Two Man Movie or Max and Ivan are...Holmes and Watson, both groundbreaking, acclaimed duos you can catch this week at SXSW Comedy. 

Two Man Movie is like nothing you've ever seen before, guaranteed - that's because it's completely improvised, a feature "film" made up on the spot from start to finish. Stars Neil Casey (current Saturday Night Live writer) and Anthony Atamanuik (recently seen on 30 Rock), both regular performers at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater on shows like ASSSSCAT and Death by Roo Roo, are the perfect pair to bring this tricky concept to life; in addition to being two of the theater's sharpest improvisers, they're each writers with a deep love and working knowledge of film, a combination that equips them to create stories that are original and engaging. Two Man Movie's latest work is created on Sunday, March 10 at 6:30pm at The IFC Crossroads House.

Together, UK natives Max Olesker and Ivan Gonzales are Max and Ivan, and on Monday, March 11 at 8pm at The IFC Crossroads House they're presenting their noir-inspired hour Max and Ivan are...Holmes and Watson, a hilarious, hard-boiled tale that's charmed sold-out crowds at festivals across the globe, including the Edinburgh Fringe. A sketch show that's part satire, part absurdity, and very much influenced by the timeless style and international breadth of classic detective stories, Holmes and Watson casts Max and Ivan as Sherlock and the Doctor - taken from their native England and dropped into the middle of a mob mystery in mid-century Chicago. Don't miss your chance to attend this rare US appearance from two of Europe's brightest up-and-coming comic talents.

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