Enter the Digital Domain!

Written by Jim Kolmar | Thursday, Aug 29, 2013

Photo by Cal HolmanYou hear it time and again - we’re living in a digital age. A tweet can feel more common than a phone call, and we have more facebook friends than we can count.

But what does this mean for film? Come to our Digital Domain conference sessions to find out.

Last year we had a fascinating array of discussions and presentations that addressed topics ranging from the neurological and evolutionary foundations of storytelling to how interactive documentaries are reinventing the landscape of film and the web. This year promises another exciting collection of forward-thinkers who will help us puzzle through the future of digital storytelling.

What to expect? Web series, apps, multimedia projects, infographics, interactive docs and so much more. Digital Domain explores the way in which a new generation of creators is more than thinking outside the box - they are redefining the box. Find out more on our Digital Domain page.

Photo by Cal Holman