Film Submission Tips: How to Submit Your Film

Written by Blake Kammerdiener | Monday, Sep 30, 2013

Photo by Jarod NeeceOur Early Submission Deadline is Thursday, October 3rd. We never advise filmmakers to rush, but if you’re ready, with at least a picture lock, you can save money by submitting now. Submission fees increase on October 4th, with our late deadline on November 14th. Remember, SXSW Programmers will only watch one version so make sure you send the most complete cut within the deadline you can afford. SXSW Film will NOT accept replacement cuts.

Be sure to read the Submission FAQ before submitting.

Remember to choose the right application: Feature Film, Short Film or Music Video and complete the appropriate payment.

Important to note, if you are submitting a Feature Film , October 3rd is a RECEIVED BY DEADLINE. We need to have your DVDs in our office on Thursday, so expedite your 2 DVD screening copies to our office now. If you are submitting a Short Film or Music Video, the application process is complete and we will consider your project based on the link you submit!

To learn more about submitting to SXSW Film browse our SXFilmTips.