SXGlobal Film Museum Hours Returns to Austin

Written by Jim Kolmar | Friday, Nov 1, 2013

Remember museums? Visionary filmmaker Jem Cohen does, and his most recent film paid homage to their lasting importance in one of the year's most beautiful films, Museum Hours. The film was a US premiere in the SXGlobal program at SXSW 2013, and next Tuesday it returns to Austin, courtesy of Austin Film Society.

Cohen's critically lauded film is a stunning exploration of the nature of art, friendship and loneliness, investigating the relationship that develops between a guard in the Kunsthistorisches Art Museum in Vienna and a visiting Canadian tourist. Refreshingly devoid of cynicism, Museum Hours simply shows us a compassionate portrait of the two as they navigate the city, against a backdrop of stunning art, notably the work of Breughel.

Museum Hours is a true art-lover's film, and it demands to be seen on a big screen. Don't miss it! Head to the AFS website now to grab your tickets.