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Written by Linda Park | Friday, Dec 20, 2013


Visions, 2013
"Freedom is when you're not attached to anything." And so begins the solo sail around the world by the enterprising Laura Dekker. Most people probably couldn't fathom such a feat but she did... at age 13. Dekker was 16 when she completed her journey and via her own camera work and that of director Jillian Schlesinger, this documentary tells the tale of bravery, courage and a vision of the world through new eyes.
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SXSW Alumni Film The Act of Killing


Festival Favorites, 2013
Brutal and devastating, this film chronicles the slayings that took place in Indonesia by death squads in the mid-60s, the men who were a part of them, and the emotional consequences of their actions.
DVD and BLU-RAY, January 7. Trailer

SXSW Alumni Film Don Jon


Festival Favorites, 2013
Merry Christmas from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his porn addiction! Can Jon Martello find true love among the casual encounters?
DVD and BLU-RAY, December 24. Trailer

SXSW Alumni Film You're Next


Midnighters, 2013
The perfect family, the perfect gathering, the perfect day, and the worst night ever.
On demand, December 27. Trailer

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The Act of Killing courtesy Drafthouse Films
Don Jon courtesy Relativity Media
You’re Next courtesy Lionsgate Films