SXSW Alumni Films - Watch Now! Friday, November 1

Written by Linda Park | Friday, Nov 1, 2013


Headliners, 2013
I will never forget the kindness and generosity shown to me years ago by Elizabeth Avellan, the producer of Angels Sing, a film that seems destined to be a new Christmas classic. Her spirit is infused in this tale of Michael Walker (played by Harry Connick Jr.) and his family and the holiday spirit that is at first forced upon them but ultimately embraced. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel things, I promise.
Opens Today


SXSW Alumni Film These Birds Walk


Visions, 2013
This stunning and powerful documentary about at-risk youth in Pakistan and the samaritans who look after them belongs in the category of must-see. Even the most hard-hearted of viewers will be mesmerized and touched by this brilliant offering from Omar Mullick and Bassam Tariq.
Opens Today. Trailer


SXSW Alumni Film Computer Chess


Festival Favorites, 2013
An epic battle with infinite moves, Andrew Bujalski's award-winning film Computer Chess explores how we move across the board in chess and in life. It's all in the game, yo.
November 5. Trailer

SXSW Alumni Film The Great Hip Hop Hoax


24 Beats per Second, 2013
You guys remember Silibil n' Brains, right? Sick, fresh California hip hop beats blowin' yer minds and bending your ears... oh wait, what? They're Scottish, you say? It's all been a hoax, you say? They got a £250,000 contract from Sony?! Ahh, when the truth is stranger than fiction.
November 5. Also available On Demand. Trailer

Photo credits:
These Birds Walk courtesy Oscilloscope
Computer Chess courtesy Kino Lorber
The Great Hip Hop Hoax courtesy Goetz Werner