2014 Film Bumpers Now Online!

Written by Claudette Godfrey | Monday, Mar 31, 2014

Remember our insane animated SXSW Film bumpers this year? Yes, yes you do. Because they were amazing. Because one of them had a bloody grackle. Because you think about them all the time and want to watch them all again. Well guess what? We've just posted them online for you to watch right now!

Concept sketched for Danny Madden's SXSW Film bumpersThey were created by Ornana's Danny Madden, a SXSW alum since we screened (notes on) Biology, his audience pleasing animation, at SXSW 2012 where it won the Animated Short Jury Award. In 2013, he was back at the festival with his first feature film, euphonia, and in 2014 we were pleased to screen his innovative short, Confusion Through Sand, and feature his 5 SXSW 2014 bumpers. Watch them here!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we and our 2014 festival audience did! We spoke to Danny to find out more about the bumpers - read the interview below.

What was your artistic process for creating these bumpers? What was your inspiration?

The stories grew from encounters I had with the Austin-y, South by Southwest-y things happening around last year's festival. There were pedicabs dinging and grackles screeching. You had to step over rolling suitcases and dodge iPhone users in the streets. Some folks were ecstatic with their lanyards on and others were zoned out, in their own worlds amidst the chaos. There was a neat energy in the thousands of ways people were moving to get to the theater. Then we all got to sit in the same room and experience a movie together.

As far as technique goes, there were a couple of animation styles I wanted to play with after finishing the last short, so when this project came along it felt like an opportunity to apply them to these stories. It was a lot of drawing with pencils and coloring with markers, then plopping them together with a computer and sending them off to California to be polished up right. Sean Wells did the color correct while Pete Horner and a crew of Skywalker Sound maestros gave them life and dimension with sound.

What's next for you?

Well, we're doing a festival tour with the new short, Confusion Through Sand. And myself and a couple other guys from the ornana crew are helping out with the feature film The Grief of Others, gearing up to shoot this month.

But as far as the next ornana project goes, that's probably a secret. It might be animated, it might not.

Where can people find your work?

Go to ornana.com or keep up on the facebook thing. We've got a few movies up online including euphonia, the live-action feature that played at Southby last year, and (notes on) Biology, a short from the year before. Hope you enjoy!