Ace Advice: Tim League's SXSW Film Agenda

Written by Christina Wiese | Monday, Mar 10, 2014
Photo of Tim League, courtesy Annie Ray

If you’re still enjoying Monday’s festivities and haven’t even started thinking about tomorrow, don’t fret! Tim League, founder of Alamo Drafthouse, outlines his must-see events for Tuesday.

Tim League’s SXSW Film Agenda for Tuesday, March 11

Beyond 3D Printing: The 3rd Industrial Revolution
I'm personally fascinated by the technology and I'd like to see where it is progressing.

Actionable Gamification - Beyond Points & Badges
We've dabbled with gamification at the Alamo, but never with any real success. At SXSW, I like to explore areas outside my core business and keep my receptors open for new ideas.

Stand Up to Content Bullies, Know Your Copy Rights
We've had a few copyright fights over the years and I want to educate myself a little more in order to fuel my Texan instinct to never back down from a fight where we are in the right.

LADY VALOR: The Kristin Beck Story
The subject matter sounds fantastic. Given the changing national attitudes towards the LGBT community, this feels like an important movie.

Surviving Cliffside
I love documentaries and this one has potential to be just the right kind of berzerk.

The Kids Are All Right: Youth Activists Online
As I get older, I feel compelled to see how youth perspectives are changing. That's another theme to my annual SXSW wandering.

Godzilla: The Japanese Original
I've only ever seen the American version (shame on me, I know). I also want to hear Gareth Edwards Q&A to gain more insight into how he is approaching the remake, which is pretty much my most anticipated movie of 2014.

I watch everything in the midnight section that I haven't already seen.

Thanks Tim! Catch Tim League during SXSW at Meet the Insiders: Hadrian Belove & Tim League & The Doug Benson Movie Interruption.