Countdown to PanelPicker: Sessions

Written by Austin Nauert | Tuesday, Jun 3, 2014

Starting on July 1st PanelPicker will be open to public submissions for the 2015 Film Conference. From now until PanelPicker closes on July 25th, we're highlighting previous PanelPicker sessions, while illustrating the characteristics we are looking for in this year’s crop of proposals.

Last week we looked at both Digital Domain and Workshops, and today we are going to talk about the standard panel sessions at the film conference.

Sessions are the bread and butter of the film conference. Comprised of carefully selected industry experts, they tackle key issues across various levels of experience and knowledge, from basic to advanced. Typically, these sessions feature a moderator and around three panelists.

A great example of the format that arrived via PanelPicker in 2014 was Parlay Your Skills Beyond the Screen. This proposal looked at the unique skills that filmmakers develop and how these skills can be used in occupations other than filmmaking. Many panel ideas that come through PanelPicker address familiar subject that might be addressed elsewhere, such as distribution or production. However, this is a good example of a panel whose theme was less well represented, and due for some attention. We always welcome creative submissions such as this one, and are always looking for new ways to lay bare the film industry and open up our audience to new ideas and directions. Listen to the full session below:

Remember, PanelPicker opens for public submissions on July 1st and will be open until July 25th. We look forward to receiving your submissions, and if you have any questions about the PanelPicker process feel free to e-mail us at In our next post we are going to highlight our newest category, Future15s.

Photo by Chinwei Hu