Last call! Late Deadline for Film Submissions is Thursday, Nov. 13

Written by Christina Wiese | Monday, Nov 10, 2014
Paramount Theatre during SXSW 2014. Photo by Rebecca Hedges-Lyon.

This is it, folks. Thursday, November 13 marks our final Late Deadline for film submissions. Here are few suggestions to help you get started:

  1. Watch the How to Submit Your Film video for an overview of the submission process.

  2. Read our Film Submission FAQ for more detailed information.

  3. We only accept film submissions via the SXSW website. Begin the process here.

Remember, if you are submitting a feature film and choose to send DVDs or Blu-rays, we MUST have your discs in our office by November 13!

If you are submitting a Texas High School Short or a Title Sequence, there’s good news! The film submission deadlines for those two categories are not until December 19.

Photo by Rebecca Hedges-Lyon