PanelPicker Will Return to SXSW Film for 2015

Written by Jim Kolmar | Wednesday, Apr 9, 2014

Browse the huge range of sessions presented at the SXSW Film Conference, and you may find yourself wondering where all those ideas come from. A substantial chunk of them - around 30% - are drawn from the increasingly fruitful PanelPicker platform, our in-house system for sourcing great ideas from the community.

The platform opens in July, but it's never too soon to start considering your proposal. We recommend you start by browsing the 2014 lineup, and consider themes, presenters, ideas...what can YOU bring to the table for 2015?

You have until July to think about it, when the PanelPicker goes live. We will reveal the exact date right here on the website, so stay tuned!

Photo by Ernesto Castillo