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Thursday Mar 13th, 2014

SXSW, Mohawk, Cheer Up Charlie's Announce Thursday Night Opening, SXSW Cares

Written by Linda Park

March 13, 2014 (Austin, Tx) -- SXSW, Mohawk and Cheer Up Charlie’s staff, after consultation with the Austin Police Department and the City of Austin officials, have determined that with very heavy hearts, they will open for business this evening at 7:00pm for their regularly scheduled SXSW official showcases.


Wednesday Mar 12th, 2014

What's Happening! March 12 - Film, Music, & Comedy PM Edition

Written by Linda Park

Welcome, welcome to a wonderful Wednesday night here at SXSW. We've got loads of fabulous offerings for you from Music, Film and Comedy.

Don't forget to bundle up because it's going to be a bit chilly out there... and wear comfortable shoes... and be nice to one another... and drive...