SXSW Interactive Tracks

Session Audience. Photo by Mars Varela

Like the SXSW Community, SXSW Programming Is Very Diverse

SXSW Interactive Festival covers a wide span of topics and ideas. Our daytime programming varies not only by track, but by format as well. To help you find what most interests you within our festival, we’ve created this nifty breakdown of Interactive programming tracks, followed by a breakdown of our Convergence tracks – which are session topics that overlap between our core industries of Music, Film and Interactive. Learn more about Convergence tracks and badge access.

Session Tracks

Art, Science and Inspiration
Encompassing everything from the common elements of art and design like photography, painting, writing, and sculpture, as well as broadly-researched scientific topics like space exploration, bio-mechanics, neurology, and physics. Also, add some of the more esoteric topics like pervasive computing, spirituality, time travel, zero point theory, aliens, and multiple dimensions, with a healthy mix of the re-building/re-creating/re-mixing world of the hacker-maker.

Branding and Marketing
Here speakers explore the constantly evolving world and work of agencies and their clients. From native advertising to brand storytelling to predictive analytics, there is something for everyone. Led by some of the most respected voices in the industry, they will explore why now is such a complex, evolving and exciting time to work in these fields.

Content and Distribution
Information and how it gets to us is vital. Sessions in this track explore how news, journalism and analysis is dispersed and how it will be impacted by the future of technology; whether it’s streaming and online content, attribution or storytelling – it informs and engages us on multiple levels.

Design and Development
The Design and Development track represents the traditional heart of the Interactive event. By representing the art of design and the process of development in every aspect, the track provides insight and inspiration into topics including: Interaction Design, Open Source, Front and Backend Development, User Experience, Web and Mobile Design, Hardware and Software.

Government and Policy
Discusses individuals' privacy and security in terms of surveillance, encryption tools, tracking, big data, monitoring and also touches on policy and civic engagement: elections, government and technology, local, city and national government.

Health & MedTech
Focuses on all things relating to the well-being through the self and technology. Subjects covered includes technological advances in medicine, online health services and best practices on both individual and industry level, self-care, self-hacking, wearable devices for healthier living and how big data can improve overall health, habits and solutions.

Intelligent Future
This track embodies the realm of future possibilities where intelligence is embedded in every aspect of life with the goal for technology to empower and enable new possibilities like smart transportation and cites, augmented reality and intelligent devices.

Startup Village®
Startup Village brings together startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovative tastemakers with the SXSW Interactive Festival. Within Startup Village, you will find topics ranging from B2B, B2C, Bootstrapping, Business Strategy, Future of Money, Startups and anything in-between. It is also the home of SXSW Accelerator®, a two-day pitch competition that culminates at the end of day two with the Accelerator Awards Ceremony.

Work and Career
Whether you work as team or prefer freelance and contract work, these sessions will cover everything from career development, work-life balance, co-working and alternative spaces, the future of work and everything in-between.

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Convergence Tracks

Any time you see a SXSW event described as Convergence, that programming is accessible to more than one type of badge. This means you'll be able to mingle directly with registrants from other areas of expertise, providing a bonus learning and networking opportunity that you'll only find at SXSW.

If you’re interested in the Convergence programming below, take a look at SXSW Gaming and SX Create, which are open to all SXSW registrants and the general public.

SXSW Comedy
SXSW Comedy showcases the best in up-and-coming and big name stand-up talent, and also features a host of popular sessions centered around TV and Film.

Continuing Legal Education has been an important part of SXSW for many years. Members of the legal profession have priority access to these sessions and gain CLE credit for attendance.

Future of Entertainment
The Future of Entertainment track looks at the changing landscape of entertainment, focusing on areas like TV and episodic content, boundary-pushing digital storytelling, the cord cutting and OTT revolution and the business behind it all.

Networking Meet Ups
An environment for SXSW registrants to meet and network with other creative industry professionals who share similar career paths, passions and social interests.

Online Harassment Summit
Experts from across the fields of academia, entertainment, video games, public policy, and social media come together to identify solutions for a more safe and civil online community.

SouthBites brings together the food community's most inspired speakers, chefs, filmmakers and enthusiasts to connect and explore ways in which technology can be leveraged to transform the food industry.

SXgood highlights innovative ideas from storytellers, entertainers, nonprofits, charities and digital creatives that are contributing to a better world.

SXsports tackles the future of sport in all its forms, from a cultural and technological perspective.

SXstyle explores the complex ties between fashion, art, culture and technology.

VR/AR Track
These technologies are finding new ways to enhance our ability to perceive the world around us, and in many instances they are redefining how we experience the world.

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If you have ideas, suggestions or questions about SXSW daytime programming, then please feel free to email

2015 SouthBites Session at the Driskill. Photo by Mars Varela