Extended Workshops for the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival: 12 Reasons Why You Should Attend!

Written by Nanci Lancaster | Friday, Dec 13, 2013

Workshops at the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival

You know the various kinds of sessions at SXSW Interactive, including panels, and keynotes, and mentors, and meet ups. But do you know, one of the newest programs of all? SXSW Interactive extended workshops first came to you in March 2013. In the spirit of the holidays, here are 12 reasons why you should attend at least one workshop in 2014!

  1. Unlike our other sessions, workshops are sign-up in advance. So, as long as you've reserved your spot, your seat is guaranteed. Signup will begin closer to the event through our online schedule. Stay tuned to our website for when this sign-up feature will go live!

  2. Enjoy a personal learning environment with a smaller audience. Our workshops are located at the AT&T Conference Center in small capacity classrooms. These smaller sized rooms allow for workshop facilitators to go more one-on-one with attendees versus a typical panel discussion.

  3. Ten themes at one venue. With our other venues, only one to three themes are represented, but SXSW Interactive Workshops cover ten different themes at the AT&T Conference Center. This concentration of themes allows for our registrants to gain new skills on a variety of subjects without changing locations.

  4. Extended format allows for more in-depth, hands-on education. With 2.5, 4, and 8-hour long sessions to choose from, SXSW Interactive Workshops get down to the nitty-gritty of particular topics that an hour's time does not allow.

  5. Need to become more savvy with Bitcoins? We've got you covered. With the ever increasing interest, we understand the need to develop the know-how of this digital currency. Attend Stephen Fraga's workshop, Bitcoin Workshop: Buying, Selling and Transacting at SXSW Interactive to make sense of this cryptocurrency craze.

  6. You could attend a boring seminar or you could attend SXSW Interactive workshops! Amongst all the inspiring and innovative experiences you will undoubtedly gain at SXSW Interactive, our workshops provide an opportunity to learn something new in a unique and creative way to push your career forward.

  7. Two words: content workshops. As John Miller said, "your content needs to be freaking brilliant because if it isn’t, it’ll just get lost in the hurricane of information that is swirling faster and faster." With over 10 different workshops in our Content and Distribution theme, you will go back to work creating 'freaking brilliant' content.

  8. Save money! To attend these types of workshops anywhere else, you would have to go to various other conferences, paying several hundreds of dollars for registration and travel fees for each. All 75+ of our diverse SXSW Interactive workshops are included in the price of Interactive, Gold, and Platinum badges. So, save time and money by attending one event versus several to get the same valuable education. Buy your badge today before prices increase January 10!

  9. If you're currently unemployed, we have some workshops that may help you land your dream job. Check out Hacking LinkedIn: The B2B Bible and Joining the Team: The Startup Seduction to name a few.

  10. Are you a burner? Join the Burning Man folks at their workshop, Growth & Identity: A Dialogue with Burning Man, to gain insight on keeping the intimate experience of a small business intact as growth and popularity ensues.

  11. Learn from top industry leaders from all over the world. Don't just settle on what your country has taught you, expand your horizons and expertise globally.

  12. After completing each workshop, you will receive a unique SXSW Interactive Workshop Certificate of Completion. This show of attendance is a perfect gift to give your boss upon returning to work from your adventures at SXSW.

Need I say more? Come join one of the biggest, most fun events in the world to learn, play, be inspired, and harness your creativity! We hope to see you there; buy a badge today!

Have workshop related questions or are interested in teaching a SXSW Interactive Workshop? Just email Nanci at any time!

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