A Fearless Approach to Social Change: Jean Case to Speak Friday, March 7 at SXSW Interactive

Written by Jessica Cox | Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013

Jean Case speaks at SXSW Interactive on Friday, March 7

As we approach the holiday season and recall all the things we are grateful for, we are reminded that giving is always better than receiving.

A champion of philanthropy, Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation, has been a leader in holiday giving efforts this season, and we look forward to learning ways to ignite social change year round during her presentation at SXSW Interactive on Friday, March 7.

Case and her husband Steve started the Case Foundation in 1997 with a simple goal, to "invest in people and ideas that can change the world." That commitment has taken many forms over the last 16 years through increasing charity among businesses and promoting innovation in the nonprofit sector.

Jean Case's commitments to giving back have also manifested into a number of leadership roles including serving on the advisory board of the Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Initiative and the Executive-in-Residence for Georgetown University’s Global Social Enterprise Initiative, as well as the Brain Trust Accelerator Fund. These positions are natural extensions based on her investment experience and two-decade role as head of marketing and branding efforts at AOL.

In June 2012, The Case Foundation launched the "Be Fearless" campaign, a movement to remind leaders that big change takes big risk, but these risks have great reward. In her SXSW talk, Jean will utilize this method of thinking to outline the five key elements of a fearless approach to social change and share examples of great breakthroughs and innovations that have taken place when organizations across sectors have adopted these principles.

Discover how you can adopt a fearless approach to social change during Case's featured session at SXSW Interactive on Friday, March 7.

Photo courtesy of the Case Foundation.