PanelPicker Predictions: The Future is Unveiled on October 14

Written by Todd Hansen | Friday, Sep 20, 2013

The future is unveiled beginning October 14

It is everyone’s dream to tell the future. I want to know when my kids are going to cry. I need to know when my car will break down. I have to know when it’s (really) going to rain because that is when everyone in Austin will drive like it’s a Minnesota (hometown) blizzard. In short, the better the forecast the better we can plan or the better we can be marketed two. Pick your poison.

A quick hop into the Panel Picker gives us a little taste of what our community wants to discuss about this. The Naked Future uncorks the pros and cons of the ever increasing precision of predictive analytics in our everyday lives. Predictive Advertising: Scary or Scary Awesome unpacks intelligently delivered advertising powered by predictive targeting decision engines. Lastly, Predictive Apps: The Butler On Your Phone unwinds the threads of wearable technology and the progress in predictive apps will affect us in the real world.

All interesting takes on digital fortune telling. As this space grows and AI begins to fade into the background it will be fascinating to see how this shapes our everyday. I gotta run. IFTTT  just sent me a text that it’s going to rain in 10 minutes and I’m on my bike.

Finally, remember to watch the SXSW Interactive website on Monday, October 14, when we announce which of these PanelPicker proposals will be part of the March 2014 event. The future is closer than you think!

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