2014 SXSW Accelerator Finalists Revealed: Startups Rock Austin in March!

Written by Maria Alonso | Wednesday, Jan 22, 2014

SXSW Accelerator is the centerpiece of Startup Village

For the 2014 SXSW Accelerator pitch competition presented by Oracle, more than 500 web-based companies applied for their chance to shine at Startup Village. We are excited to announce that the finalists who will pitch on Saturday, March 8 and Sunday, March 9 at the Hilton Downtown Austin will represent some of the world's most innovative entrepreneurial thinking.

The level of innovative ideas that were submitted made it very challenging to pick the top companies for each category. Some highlights include online identity verification that will help eliminate fraud and increase revenues for retailers, and a service that enhances your travel experience allowing you to point your smart-phone camera and translate images instantly without a data connection. 

It is an honored to invite these finalist to be part of SXSW 2014 and we congratulate them for their forward thinking ideas. We hope that you will join us to see their presentations at the Hilton Austin Downtown on Saturday, March 8 for preliminary rounds.

Then on day two of the competition Sunday, March 9, the top three startups from the previous day will each have a final chance to impress the judges (and the audience) to be named the best in their category. We will announce the winners in each category (plus several special awards) at our inaugural SXSW Accelerator Ceremony on Sunday evening, March 9.

Finalists in the Enterprise and Big Data Technologies Category

Helsinki, Finland
Searching on any website is typically a terrible experience. AddSearch is a lightning fast site search that gives you accurate results instantly. AddSearch is easy to install, gives you full control of the search results and works on any device.

San Francisco, CA
Addy is simplifying the communication of locations around the world. Their web application lets anyone, anywhere share locations using simple, custom URLs. Their B2B products include a rich API and real-time location tracking functionality for delivery and other end-to-end services.

Boston, MA
Databox is a Mobile Executive Dashboard that enables real-time visibility into your company data to help you make better decisions, faster. Connect to any data source within your organization and display the key metrics that are driving your business on your smartphone.

Austin, TX
Commercial Insurance: 20M policies, $280B in revenue, 200K brokers, 100K underwriters -- all managed via paper and email. EvoSure’s platform connects the constantly changing industry across all client and product types, enabling better relationships, higher profits, and less waste.

San Francisco, CA
Fieldwire is a mobile productivity platform for construction and maintenance workers. Users in the field can record, share and track tasks in real time, geotagged directly over their blueprints (think of it as Jira for the physical world).

Cambridge, MA
Map-D is a GPU database that drives interactive big data analytics and visualizations in real time.  Soon to be open source, Map-D is SQL-enabled and runs 100GB+ datasets 1000s of times faster than other platforms. 

Austin, TX
Shelfbucks allows Shoppers within physical stores to request real-time incentives from Retailers and Brands.  Targeted offers are delivered to a shopper's mobile phone when they tap their phone on one of several Shelfbucks beacon located on retail shelves.      

Cork City, Ireland
Trustev provides real time, online identity verification to eliminate fraud and increase revenues for retailers in a simple to integrate, low cost platform. We focus on opening up commerce opportunities instead of shutting them down with antiquated rules based decisioning.

Alternates in the Enterprise and Big Data Technologies Category

Seattle, WA
Blab predicts patterns the world’s conversations giving brands real-time predictive insights. Blab shows when and where these key consumer conversations will gain velocity over the next 72 hours enabling pre-emptive action

Mountain View, CA
Partender is “the Nielson of the bar industry.” By reducing bar inventory to just 15 minutes on iOS (down from 6-24 hours on paper/pen), Partender provides real-time data that’s automating the supply chain and highlighting how brands are selling.

San Francisco, CA
SocialGlimpz is an insights platform that leverages mobile and big data technologies enabling brands to dig deep into the consumer psyche discovering not only what products and services consumers prefer but, more importantly, WHY they do.

Finalists in the Entertainment and Content Technologies Category

Nashville, TN
Artiphon is a music hardware startup combining advanced sensor technology, iOS, and traditional craftsmanship. Designed in Nashville, Artiphon’s first product is an ergonomic multi-instrument, playable in a variety of positions and configurable for any style.

Mountain View, CA
"EmoVu by Eyeris is Artificially Intelligent Emotion Recognition software that allows webcams to "look back" and read people's facial micro-expressions in real-time as they watch videos on their computers or mobile devices."

Los Angeles, CA
Fliptu is a "Social Aggregation as a Service" platform for brands, creators, event producers and organizations.  Our SaaS aggregation product suite enables nearly 10,000 clients to better organize, present and promote their social media efforts to fans & customers.

Chicago, IL
MentorMob is the first crowd-sourced lifestyle learning site. Our community of enthusiasts curate free online guidebooks from the web's best content to help anyone learn, enhance or master their interests.

Namo Media
San Francisco, CA
Namo Media powers Facebook-like native ad formats for mobile apps with content streams. Our ads are perfect for news, social, photosharing, dating, and messaging apps - we want to rid them of annoying 320x50px mobile banner ads.

London, United Kingdom
PlayCanvas is the world's first cloud-hosted 3D game development environment. It's a social hub where game developers collaborate in real-time using a next-generation online toolset to build, share and play video games.

Austin, TX
Sonar enables creative professionals to easily create, share, publish, monetize, promote and support immersive micro-apps using only a modern browser. Our integrated user engagement engine provides detailed analytics surpassing third party solutions commonly used with native apps.

Providence, RI
Waygo is a service that enhances your travel experience by easily translating printed languages. With Waygo, simply point your smart-phone camera and translate images instantly without a data connection. Download Waygo on the iOS and Android App Stores now.​

Alternates in the Entertainment and Content Technologies Category

Beverly Hills, CA
Cinematique is an interactive video platform where viewers explore, shop, and share the things that interest them. By leveraging groundbreaking motion touch enabled technology, Cinematique opens the door to new ways of storytelling and product monetization.

Shop Storee
Cincinnati, OH
ShopStoree brings in-store experiences online through shop-able photos. We're a visual marketplace that allows you to discover and shop from immersive photos of the most amazing retailers around the world. 

Filmmaker Live
Redmond, WA
Filmmaker Live helps you succeed as a filmmaker, a storyteller, and an entrepreneur. Collaborative, artistically expressive pre-visualization when and where you need it. Explore your shots, pitch your film, and work with your team, all from your iPad. You have a story to tell.  Tell it with Filmmaker Live.

Finalists in the Health Technologies Category

Allentown, PA
ActiveProtective is delivering sophisticated 3D motion-sensing wearables focused on human fall intervention, using garments with discrete micro-airbags in order to reduce injury. Applications include hip fracture protection for the elderly, head and neck, cycling, moto, equestrian, high-risk occupational, and others.

New York, NY
AdhereTech has created patented smart patented pill bottles. These bottles automatically send usage data to our servers in real time, and if a dose is missed our system reminds patients via text message, phone call, and on-bottle lights and chimes.

New York, NY
Using mobile technologies, Kinsa is creating the world's first real-time map of human health. To do this, we have revolutionized the world's most common medical device. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is an ultra-low-cost, smartphone-connected thermometer that allows real-time communication with the ill. It's also the world's smartest thermometer. 

Pixie Scientific
New York, NY
Technology embedded in consumer products that unobtrusively monitor nutrition and onset of chronic conditions in children and seniors before symptoms occur.

North Vancouver, Canada
Plantiga has hacked your shoe, designing the most advanced footwear platform on the planet. The patented technology is smart, personalized and focused on performance. It generates robust real-time movement data; made for apps in health, sports, analytics, biometrics and location

Sensible Baby
Somerville, MA
Sensible Baby is revolutionizing baby monitoring for the 21st century. Peace of mind is now at your fingertips with the ability to wirelessly track and monitor activities and the environment of your sleeping baby from a smart device.

San Francisco, CA
ThriveOn is a mobile platform that assesses user need, and delivers a tailored evidenced based program, paired with a remote mental health professional.

Yingo Yango
Weatogue, CT
Yingo Yango provides a white-label customized healthcare platform connecting and integrating the health & wellness resources provided by employers or providers to individuals.  The Yingo Yango platform helps maximize employee/patient engagement, reduce costs/readmissions, and guides users to better health outcomes.

Alternates in the Health Technologies Category

Filament Labs
Austin, TX
Filament Labs is building PatientIO, a patient engagement platform that gives health professionals tools to track & manage their patients when patients are away from the clinic. We specialize in adherence problems for chronic disease therapies.

New York, NY
Healthify allows Medicaid Managed Care to reduce the cost and improve the quality of care by addressing their members’ social health needs. Our web-based platform addresses patients’ most pressing needs and connects them to the best resources for treatment. 

Venice, CA
Jack Imaging is Nephosity’s platform for collaboratively managing patient imaging records in the cloud.  We enable providers to engage with patients, monitor referrals to specialists, and ensure that images are available at the point of care.

Finalists in the Innovative World Technologies Category

Ljubljana, Slovenia
CubeSensors are small, stylish and connected devices for each room in your home or office. By measuring temperature, humidity, air quality and more, the Cubes can let you know how you can improve your indoor health, comfort and productivity. 

Mountain View, CA
InsideMaps revolutionizes the furniture shopping experience by letting anyone visualize furniture in an exact 3D replica of their own home.  Through a smartphone app that delivers photo-realistic 3D home models in minutes, InsideMaps opens up interior design to everyone.

Atlanta, GA
Monsieur is a high-tech cocktail ordering and preparation system used in cocktail service environments and homes. Monsieur connects with its companion mobile app and commercial management application to upgrade the social drinking experience and increase profitability in cocktail service

Austin, TX
OP3Nvoice makes sense of the spoken word. It’s a set of APIs, SDKs and plugins that enables developers, entrepreneurs and corporate problem solvers to add audio and video search to any application with just a few lines of code.

Austin, TX
Plum (formerly Ube) is an Austin, startup. Our smart light dimmer – called a Light Pad - easily connects to your home Wi-Fi router and allows you to control your lights from your smartphone app anywhere you have an internet connection.

Montréal, Canada
Synbiota is a collaborative open web platform that allows anyone to safely and sustainably create new medicines, materials, food, and fuel by engineering life using real DNA as building blocks.

The Eye Tribe
Copenhagen, Denmark
The Eye Tribe develops eye control software for consumer devices, allowing hands-free navigation, eye activated login, enhanced gaming experiences, and user engagement analytics. We utilize low-cost hardware components that can be integrated into the next generation of smartphones and tablets.

Dublin, Ireland
Viddyad lets any business create professional video ads online, in minutes. Whether you're a corporate licensee or SMB, our video ad creation tool provides access to millions of licensed videos and images, making video ad creation, simple and cost effective. 

Alternates in the Innovative World Technologies Category

Boulder, CO
PivotDesk helps entrepreneurs find room for growing their businesses by culturally aligning them with companies that have office space to spare. PivotDesk finds startups the right place for right now, and helps host companies easily market, manage and monetize their excess space. 

Hex Airbot
Louisville, CO
Hex Airbot is focused on using digital manufacturing techniques and open source hardware to create fun, innovative, and customizable products.  Our first product, Flexbot, is a nano-drone which can be controlled from your Smartphone, and has a customizable, 3D-printed frame

Austin, TX
Tsugi Builder is a cloud compiler for mobile apps. Tsugi accelerates mobile development by automatically building the code and content for your iOS, Android, and Unity projects into apps ready for testing and deployment.

Finalists in the Social Technologies Category

Orinda, CA
Ansa is the only messaging app that lets you communicate like you do in person, without leaving a record behind.  Have conversations that disappear, send self-destructing messages, or take back the ones you change your mind about later. 

San Francisco, CA
Connect is a social map of all your friends and a beautiful, always up-to-date address book that allows you to keep in touch with your friends. Connect is available on iPhone.

Telluride, CO
Hi, we're Felt. We believe in using technology to make us more human, expressive and personal—not less. For starters, we've created an app that lets people write and send a handwritten card in the real mail using just their iPad.

Menlo Park, CA
MobiSocial is a Stanford-incubated startup focused on developing the world's first open social platform that lets consumers own their data. The company will be launching Omlet, a group sharing app, just in time to optimize the SXSW experience for attendees.

Montreal, Canada
PPLCONNECT is a free app that lets you access and use your smartphone from any web-enabled device, without changing your number! For those who wish they could send/receive their SMS from a computer, Call from a tablet and much more. 

Tel Aviv, Israel
Samba is video messaging with reaction shots. Recreating the warmth of face-to-face interaction, it infuses digital video communication with genuine, authentic responses. Smile/talk/scream/love/laugh like you mean it.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Surfly makes surfing the web together as easy as clicking a link. Simply open surfly.com, enter the relevant website and share the resulting link. It just works - on any website - without extra software or setup.

Chicago, IL
Terranova is an intelligent personal assistant for mobile devices and wearable technologies. Speak or type what you want to do, and Terranova connects you with local people, places, and events relevant to your query. 

Alternates in the Social Technologies Category

Austin, TX
Ferris is a social video app that captures life’s moments and automatically groups them in searchable, dynamic collections. Ferris stitches together a fabric of videos and lets you to peek under the covers for unique footage from around the world.

Inside Social
Seattle, WA
Inside Social is a next generation social measurement and optimization platform that ignores likes and retweets and focuses on revenue, conversions and customer acquisition. Our share-tracking technology provides brands the deepest insight ever into the true impact of social marketing.

San Francisco, CA
Shoto lets you share photos automatically and privately. Shoto creates smart albums that unite all the photos taken together by a group of friends. This neatly solves the problem of never getting to see the photos taken by everyone in a group.

Finalists in the Wearable Technologies Category

Toronto, Canada
In September 2013, Bionym launched its inaugural product, the Nymi. The Nymi is a wearable device that authenticates users through their unique cardiac rhythm, and communicates identity wirelessly for seamless and dynamic interaction with technology.

Fashion Discovery Labs
San Francisco, CA
Fashion Discovery Labs will revolutionize the fashion technology industry. Our mission is to enable everyone to “Discover Fashion Instantly” in the real world through Google Glass. We aim to enrich the online and retail shopping experience.

Jon Lou
Staten Island, NY
MIT engineering meets Italian design in Jon Lou, a lifestyle brand for people who love fashion, love technology, and think it's about time the two of them met for a drink.

Kiwi Wearable Technologies
Toronto, Canada
Toronto-based Kiwi Wearable Technologies builds products which help wearers enjoy happier and healthier lives.  At SXSW Kiwi will showcase the fashionable, multi-functional “Kiwi Move” which enables wearers to seamlessly interact with their environments, elegantly simplifying and optimizing their daily lives.

Mighty Cast
Montreal, Canada
Mighty Cast connects physical objects to the cloud through its patent-pending technology and proprietary platform.  The company is launching with The NEX Band - the world’s first collectible, social, gaming, proximity detecting wearable device; giving users an ever-changing experience.

Pauline van Dongen
Arnhem, Netherlands
Pauline van Dongen is a fashion designer working closely with companies in the field of science and innovation. She aims to merge fashion and technology. Her project Wearable Solar is an example of wearable technology integrating solar cells into garments.

San Francisco, CA
People+ is an innovative, curated business directory of professionals and companies. It is like Wikipedia meets LinkedIn. If you have a smartphone or Google Glass get People+ today free at getpeopleplus.com to understand who is in close proximity to you.

Skully Helmets
San Francisco, CA
Skully Helmets is pioneering augmented reality solutions for the head protection industry. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2013, Skully's human-centered engineering approach has led to the Skully AR-1, the world's first fully integrated augmented reality motorcycle helmet.

Alternates in the Wearable Technologies Category

Ann Arbor, MI
Avegant is developing the next generation of wearable head mounted displays. The Glyph, their flagship headset, integrates a brilliant, vivid video display and premium audio experience in a unique flip-down form factor. The company plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign surrounding the Glyph on January 22nd and deliver devices at the end of 2014.

Dallas, TX
Theatro is pioneering enterprise wearable-based solutions designed to reinvent how retail employees interact with customers, IT systems and each other. Delivered as a SaaS offering over the in-store WiFi, Theatro takes customer service and in-store operations to the next-level!

Zepp Labs
Los Gatos, CA
Zepp Labs, a leader in motion capture technology and mobile sports applications. We are committed to helping athletes and coaches discover ways to improve their game.