2014 SXSW Interactive Session Spotlight: Notre Dame and Spotify - Our Playlist, Our Story

Written by Megan Collyer | Monday, Feb 24, 2014

Christianne Harder talks about how Notre Dame uses new media at SXSW 2014

Christianne Harder was the first person to use Spotify for collegiate athletics marketing at Notre Dame. Since she began, other athletic departments have picked up the platform, but none are yet using it to further other department goals. During her SXSW session, “Notre Dame and Spotify - Our Playlist, Our Story,” she’ll discuss how Notre Dame has been able to utilize the Spotify platform to market their athletic teams. For this installment of the Session Spotlight, we spoke to Harder about her panel and how SXSW participants who work in sports marketing and communications, who want to harness new social platforms, will benefit from it.

SXSW: What’s the focus of your panel at the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival?
Harder: Our panel outlines the way that Notre Dame Athletics uses Spotify to promote our ticket sales and live streams, while simultaneously using music to introduce our fans to our teams. We will go over how to create and publicize playlists, the types of playlists that are created, and how the partnership has extended Spotify's footprint by teaming up with the most powerful collegiate athletics brand in the country.

SXSW: Who else will be speaking with you on the panel?
Harder: Jordan Gremli is my connection at Spotify, and he helps us customize our playlists with our team's visuals. He also is our resource for any questions we have about the platform, and assists us if we have need their social team. In his day-to-day work, Jordan is the Operations Manager for Spotify's Artist/VIP Services team, the group that acts as the advocates for the creative community within Spotify. In that role, Jordan educates artists and brands about what Spotify is, and works with them to promote themselves on the platform through content creation.

SXSW: What will people gain from learning how Notre Dame Athletics has utilized Spotify?
Harder: SXSW registrants should come because it will be fun and instructive. Music and sports go so easily hand and hand, but this could bleed into so many areas. Our hope is that this session will show people that to further social goals, the more platforms integrate, the stronger your presence will be. Participants will be inspired to use music as leverage for their greater social goals and will understand why we picked Spotify to draw attention to ticket sales and live streams. They’ll also learn how to practically get started, get inspiration on what kind of lists to create and how to harness them in their marketing.

SXSW: Will participants need to come to the panel with any previous knowledge?
Harder: All skill levels will be able to take something away from the panel. All you need is a basic understanding of social media.

SXSW: What’s the most exciting part about delivering this content to the SXSW audience?
Harder: I am most looking forward to spreading the word about Spotify and how it can be used in sports. It's such a fun platform to support, for both the teams and the fans.

SXSW: Aside from your own, what session at SXSW are you most excited to see?
Harder: There are so many wonderful panels in SXSports this year. It's going to be more difficult to decide which panels NOT to attend.

SXSW: Can we find you on Twitter?
Harder: My twitter handle is @CNHarder, and I mostly tweet about television shows and funny things that happen in my life (known as #ChristianneProblems or #ChristianneSolutions), as well as the quirks of being Notre Dame's social media person.

SXSW: Who do you follow on Twitter and why?
Harder: My twitter account follows news organizations primarily, and people I know, including the #NDTwitteratti (our active fans on social who have a lot of fun with Notre Dame Football news). I only follow 3 traditional brands on Twitter – Kimpton, Veuve Cliquot, and Agent Provocateur. I believe all corporate brands need to add value with content that is meaningful, and these guys do it best.

SXSW: Not necessarily related to your topic at SXSW, what is your favorite book?
Harder: Favorite book(se) would be The Hunger Games trilogy. I was a late adopter of the series, saw the first movie, and was sold. I enjoyed the questions of morality, debating choices and why we make them.

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