Deloitte at SXSW Interactive 2014!

Written by Jessica Weaver | Monday, Feb 3, 2014

Deloitte TeamAs we all get excited dreaming of what’s in store at SXSW Interactive 2014, Deloitte, a first time Interactive Sponsor this year, has put together a list of all the ways Deloitte and SXSW share similar core values of innovation, creativity, and community.

1. They invest in innovation.
SXSW is an investment in innovation for everyone who attends—whether it’s in music, film, or interactive technology. Deloitte invests in innovations, through programs like the Innovation Partnership Program. This program includes partners like X PRIZE Foundation and Singularity University, who provide access to some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, technologists, and business thought leaders. Ongoing partnerships are what build the tools that redesign the future of our world. You’ll also see some state-of-the-art 3D printing from Deloitte’s Advanced Manufacturing offering with 3D Systems at their SXSW locations—check it out!

2. Creativity is at their core.
SXSW evolved around the exploration of creativity across disciplines, and it is this creative impulse that is pushing us to evolve and grow. One of Deloitte’s newer ventures is Deloitte Digital—a studio-oriented part of the business, where cross-functional teams of designers, developers, and strategists create digital transformations for brands and consumers. Find out more about what they’re doing at

3. They’re breaking down barriers.
SXSW draws a diverse crowd of artists, thought leaders, and technologists from all over the world and from countless backgrounds. The benefits of creative, open conversations at gatherings like SXSW prove how valuable inclusion is to building the future. Deloitte takes this inspiration a step further in everyday business—they study what prevents people from being accepted in the workplace and actively work to change it. What exactly did they find? Read more in “Uncovering Talent: A new model of Inclusion.”

4. They’re committed to community.
As we come together at SXSW, we create a culture that values the sharing of time and talent. It’s one that Deloitte believes in living all year round—one that, as we all know, you can’t find just anywhere. From offering skills-based professional services to the company-wide IMPACT day, Deloitte looks for ways to tap the skills and talent of their people to benefit communities across the U.S. Just last year on IMPACT day, Deloitte employees contributed to more than 800 service projects in 80 communities across the country.

5. Green thinking wherever they go.
Looking into the future with the care of our planet in mind is a frequent theme of SXSW—just take a look at the lineup of activities for SXSW Eco. We all know that sustainability isn’t a fad, and all organizations have to think differently about their operations. Deloitte is helping clients take a new look at core business through a sustainability lens and finding new ways to transform common operations and investments that clear the ROI hurdle. It’s close to all of our hearts.

Stay connected with Deloitte throughout SXSW Interactive 2014 by following @DeloitteUS on Twitter or checking out their SXSW website – and stay tuned for more exciting announcements!