Deloitte's Tips for Surviving SXSW Interactive 2014!

Written by Jessica Weaver | Saturday, Mar 8, 2014

Deloitte SXSW

SXSW Interactive is in full swing! The festival can be a little overwhelming if you’re planning your first trip, but don’t sweat it! This year, Deloitte is making their first appearance as a major Interactive sponsor, but they're no strangers to SXSW. Here are a few tips from Deloitte to get you through:

1. Plan ahead.
Determine your panels, talks, and parties before you arrive. Once you get there, you’ll hit a wall of craziness, and it will be hard to focus. So check everything out ahead of time on SXSW GO and create your personal schedule!

Be sure to check out Deloitte’s solid line up of speakers throughout the Interactive conference, as well. After each talk, you’ll be able to connect with the speakers at Deloitte’s Interactive Lounge.

2. Keep up with social media.
The social buzz around SXSW can add a lot to your experience. Search hashtags around your particular interest to connect with people who like the same things.

Still seem like a lot to keep up with? Check out Deloitte’s app, Round-Up, a tool to help you sift through the noise. It’ll connect you with the latest SXSW social trends and give you a curated list of events based on top conversations and your selected filters. You can also use it to join Deloitte’s SXSW sweepstakes. Download Round-Up to find out more.

3. Show up early.
Be early for everything. You’ll be fighting crowds the entire time and space is limited – just because you RSVP doesn’t mean you’re getting in, so the earlier the better.

Don't forget to check out Deloitte’s Interactive Party that's happening tonight at the Hangar Lounge!