Julian Assange Webcast at 11:00 am on Saturday, March 8 at SXSW

Written by Hugh Forrest | Saturday, Mar 8, 2014

Julian Assange speaks at SXSW on Saturday, March 8

At 11:00 am CST on Saturday, March 8, Benjamin Palmer of the Barbarian Group interviews Julian Assange via video-conference. Scheduled in Exhibit Hall 5 of the Austin Convention Center, this session is open to all Interactive, Gold and Platinum badgeholders. If you can’t make it to Exhibit Hall 5 or if you want to watch the Assange session via the comfort of your home computer, use this link to access the free webcast. The Julian Assange webcast is a service provide by our friends at the Texas Tribune.

Also, watch the live webcast of the Neil deGrasse Tyson keynote at 2:00 pm CST today via sxsw.com/live. If you are a SXSW attendee, remember that you can watch this keynote at any SXSW venue.

Julian Assange photo courtesy of Allen Clarke.