A Little of the Unexpected at Microsoft Studio

Written by Jessica Weaver | Tuesday, Mar 11, 2014

Microsoft StudioA little before 5am on Sunday morning, a tweet went out from the founder of StartUpBus stating that students participating in the organization’s annual hackathon had been robbed of thousands of dollars in PCs and electronics they were planning to use in order to develop, explore, and get inspired during SXSW Interactive. Needless to say, without their devices the weekend would be a total bust.

Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft Studio space at SXSW, luckily saw the tweet. Within hours they mobilized and saved the day; delivering PCs, tables, and custom Creative Recreation shoes as part of their #ReadyWhenYouAre campaign focusing on solving #SXSWproblems by getting people set up with Windows PCs, phones, and other helpful gear.

The students were also invited to hang out in the Microsoft Studio, where multiple days of programming are taking place to spark conversation and creativity. Highlights from the Microsoft Studio include a late-night DJ set from ?uestlove, skateboarders flipping over furniture, and a teleportation art installation that uses Kinect, digital cameras, and innovative technology to allow users to experience other worlds.