Mark Cuban in Conversation with Guy Kawasaki at SXSW Interactive on Saturday, March 8

Written by Jessica Cox | Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014

Mark Cuban goes one-on-one with Guy Kawasaki on March 8 at SXSW

Internet pioneer, billionaire, angel investor, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban assesses the current state of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship with Silicon Valley veteran Guy Kawasaki on Saturday, March 8 at 5pm at SXSW Interactive.

From a bartender sleeping on the floor in a cheap apartment, to a billionaire entrepreneur, Cuban has worked hard and paid his dues to get where he is today.

As an ambitious college grad unfettered by misunderstandings with early employers, Cuban took his profession into his own hands founding MicroSolutions, a computer consulting service. His endless affinity for learning, unwavering determination and clear insight into future provided the perfect formula for a supremely successful entrepreneur. MicroSolutions services expanded into providing local-area networks--one of the first companies to provide such connectivity--and grew into a company with $30 million in revenues, later being sold to CompuServe.

Five years later Cuban was at it again developing (then Audionet) with long-time friend Todd Wagner. The internet based audio streaming service became hugely popular. In Cuban's 1999 SXSW Interactive Keynote, he spoke of the future dominance of streaming audio/video online. One month later, was purchase by Yahoo for $5.6 billion dollars. Today, Cuban's intuitive insight continues to prove true with streaming services across the audio (Pandora / Spotify) and video (Netflix / Hulu) landscape.

As owner of HDNet, the NBA Dallas Mavericks, film distributor Magnolia Pictures, investor on the TV series Shark Tank, author of How to Win at the Sport of Business, among many other roles, Cuban has continued to grow and evolve as an entrepreneur across a variety of industries.

Guy Kawasaki built much of his career at Apple where, in the early days, he recruited Macintosh software and hardware developers, and later served as an Apple fellow and the chief evangelist. Additionally, Kawasaki served as a founding member of a number of companies including ACIUS, Fog City Software,, and Alltop. A prolific producer of tech-related content, he has authored a total of 12 books.

Attend this fun and in-depth conversation between Cuban and Kawasaki as the perfect way to end your first full day of SXSW Interactive 2014 on Saturday, March 8 in Exhibit Hall 5.

If you're interested in Shark Tank, attend the Digital Creative Job Market at the ACC in Ballroom ABC on Thursday, March 6 or Friday, March 7. Shark Tank casting Directors will have a booth on Thursday, followed by an open casting call for SXSW registrants and the general public on Friday. All entrepreneurs, inventors, businesspersons, creators and innovators are welcome to pitch their idea for a chance at a spot on the show!

Guy Kawasaki photo by Bryn Colton / Assignments.