SXSW 2014 Interactive Workshops Topic Highlight: Content Development

Written by Nanci Lancaster | Thursday, Jan 23, 2014

So many great workshops to choose from at SXSW Interactive 2014

If you build it, they will come. Not true. Your business idea, product, or service may sound amazing enough to drive in customers, but how you handle your content marketing will inevitably be what brings them in (or turns them away). Whether you want to believe it or not, your business's success rests on the importance of content strategy.

As John Miller said, "Your content needs to be freaking brilliant because if it isn’t, it’ll just get lost in the hurricane of information that is swirling faster and faster." With this in mind, SXSW Interactive put together a lineup of over 10 different workshops geared towards helping you create 'freaking brilliant content.'

See below for a list of the workshops offered for SXSW Interactive this March based around content strategy and development.

SXSW Interactive workshops are signup in advance to attend and are included in the price of an Interactive, Gold, or Platinum badge. Signup begins in mid-February, so be sure to purchase your badge today to not miss out as these workshops will fill up before the event begins.

For a complete list of SXSW 2014 Interactive workshops, click here.

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Photo of 2013 SXSW Workshop session from Vanessa Velazquez.