SXSW Interactive Workshops: Seats Still Available, So Sign Up Now!

Written by Nanci Lancaster | Thursday, Feb 13, 2014

Sign up now for the workshops you want to attend at SXSW Interactive 2014

Last week we announced that if you have a SXSW Interactive, Gold, or Platinum badge and your SXsocial account is activated, you can now reserve a seat at any SXSW Interactive workshop. As expected, many workshops have already filled to capacity -- but, you can signup on any full workshop's wait list for a chance to get bumped to a reserved spot.

That being said, there are still plenty of workshops with available seats. So go here to view the complete list of SXSW Interactive workshops and click on the link in each workshop's description to claim your spot. 

See below for  just a sample of those that still have seats available.

  • Building the Future Landscape of Geofencing   The session will first define and explore the current and future capabilities of the geo landscape. Attendees will then engage in debate on concerns, benefits, and rights for marketers, businesses, and customers. The session culminates as attendees build a manifesto to balance, protect, and promote the rights of all players within the geo landscape.

  • Exploring Personal Genomics
    This workshop workshop offers an interactive guide to understanding the many exciting applications of personal genomic information. Additionally, you'll explore more advanced topics, such as interactions between a personal genome and the environment and connecting DNA to physiology. 

  • Filters, Bias, Collaboration
    Learn how to track individual and collective bias. Participants will learn more about how these biases work, tools that can track and recognize bias, and how to address bias, whether it is in hiring and selection practices, survey design, or media consumption.

  • Growth & Identity: A Dialogue with Burning Man
    Learn how Burning Man has employed UX, social media, grass-roots organizational techniques and business strategy in tandem to help scale collaborative culture and how you can apply some of these practices to enhance collaborative engagement and ensure that authenticity of experience remains intact.

  • IRE Watchdog Workshop
    Improve your watchdog coverage and learn how you can hold government and business accountable with this half-day workshop from Investigative Reporters and Editors.

  • The Democratization of Technical Creativity
    Learn how to find and use the many resources available today to bring projects from the imaginations of non-coders to our ever-growing number of screens.

Be sure to catch the SXSW Interactive shuttle from the Austin Convention Center to reach your workshop venue destination, the AT&T Conference Center!

Have workshop questions? We have answers. Just email us at any time.