SXSW Interactive Workshops: Sign Up Before All the Sessions Are Sold Out!

Written by Nanci Lancaster | Thursday, Feb 20, 2014

Sign up now for the workshops you want to attend at SXSW Interactive 2014

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, one rule always remains true for SXSW: Plan your schedule before you arrive! Building your schedule prior to you getting onsite significantly helps you stay on track to digest all the amazing content you came to see and hear. As you build your schedule and add your favorite SXSW Interactive workshops, keep in mind that these sessions do require you to signup in advance to attend. 

While the early birds did snatch up quite a few seats, there are still plenty of hot workshops ready for you to claim your spot! If you have an Interactive, Gold, or Platinum badge go here to view the complete list of SXSW Interactive workshops and click on the link in each workshop's description to signup to attend. 

See below for just a sample of those that still have seats available:

  • Advanced Drupal Development
    In this workshop, you'll walk away having built an elaborate Job Posting website to show off some very advanced Drupal functionality.

  • From WebApp to WebView with PhoneGap
    This workshop is for those who are comfortable developing Apps for the web who want to delve into mobile / PhoneGap. In this workshop you'll start with a webapp and walk through the process of turning it into a PhoneGap mobile app.   

  • Hacking Medicine: Pain Points to Pilot
    At this workshop, MIT’s H@cking Medicine will bring together engineers, entrepreneurs, clinicians, and designers to develop disruptive solutions for problems plaguing healthcare. 

  • Live Visuals: Intro to Video Mapping
    This workshop will inform you of the tools, software and content you'll need to start video mapping, including software options, hardware choices, how to set up playback systems and projectors, and the importance of video content.     

  • Rugged Software Using Rugged Driven Development
    We all know we are supposed to do security testing when developing software but very few actually do.  In this workshop, you will learn how to do security testing while you write code--helping you end up with a more rugged result.   

Be sure to catch the SXSW Interactive shuttle from the Austin Convention Center to reach the AT&T Conference Center to attend all SXSW Interactive workshops. 

Have workshop questions? We have answers! Just email us at any time.

Photo of workshops from SXSW 2013 by Vanessa Valaquez.