Unity Gaming Workshop at SXSW 2014 on Saturday, March 8

Written by Nanci Lancaster | Thursday, Mar 6, 2014

Attend the two gaming-related workshops at SXSW Interactive

Earlier this week, the SXSW family lost one of our own. Matt Crump, who was the Interactive Gaming Expo Coordinator passed away on Sunday, March 2. As I type this, I am still in shock and disbelief. His sudden death was quite the punch in Team Interactive's gut, and the SXSW office as a whole. But I know that we will pull together and put on one hell of a show in his honor.

My job in particular consists of curating and managing the SXSW Interactive workshops, and Matt helped to contribute an exceptional gaming workshop for 2014. We worked closely together on not just his content, but he came to me for all sorts of advice, as I to him. I feel I owe it to him to make this workshop a big hit. So, if you are the least bit interested in gaming or game development, please take a moment to view and sign up for the workshop below, which will be held at the AT&T Conference Center.

To attend this gaming-related session (as well as all other SXSW Interactive workshops), you must have an Interactive, Gold, or Platinum badge. And, you must sign up in advance to attend.

To view the complete list of 2014 SXSW Interactive workshops go here.

If you have any workshop-related questions, feel free to email me at any time. Also, please feel free to put in a good word with your higher power for our friend Matt Crump. I will miss him dearly and I hope to make this gaming-related workshop a huge success -- just as he would've done.